Audit Preparation

Audit Services

We offer the audit protection representation as a service in which we will stand in on behalf of you. During this process we will develop the strategy used to defend the taxpayer’s position. We will assist the taxpayer in preparing all documents requested by the taxing authority.

An audit by the IRS can be extremely intimidating. The tax technicians at All About Tax LLC. are well versed in preparing you for an IRS audit. We are proactive in ensuring your IRS audit is completed as efficiently and speedy as possible.

Why Use All About Tax During An Audit

Our audit-prep services enables you to reduce the time your team spends on preparing audit documents. Organizations can spend as much time preparing for the audit as the audit firm spends in conducting the onsite portion of the audit. When you use an experienced audit-prep team, your company saves significant staff time.

Auditors need well-organized documents to complete an audit efficiently. If you do not organize your financial records properly, your auditors will need to spend more time asking you questions. When you use an experienced audit prep team, your company can save money by reducing the auditor’s time in collecting information.

Our team can help you prepare. With our years of auditing experience, we understand what auditors need. Our audit prep experts will make sure your books and documents are in order before the audit process starts. If you fully prepare for the auditors before they arrive, your process will go more smoothly. We will free up your time prior to the audit and enable you to remain productive.

What is involved in audit preparation?

Before the auditors arrive, our team of accountants can:

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